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Celia Desmond

Celia Desmond has won the Millie award, presented by Doll Artisan Guild at International Competitions to the top antique reproduction doll. Her dolls have also won Judge's Choice and best in category ribbons. She has been taking seminars and classes with world renowned instructor for 20 years. Celia has taken many seminars and private lessons from Kristin Thor and Carla Snels. These two experts have strongly influenced her doll making. She has attended seminars also with many other doll experts, including the late Ron Booker, Joyce Murch, Karen Raum, and many others. During this time she has created over 50 dolls, some modern, but mainly reproduction of French and German antiques. Celia also has over 30 years of experience in telecommunications management.

She worked in management of telecom engineering for Bell Canada for 25 years. She is President of World Class Telecommunications, which provides training in telecommunications management, has lectured internationally on programs for success in today's changing environment. Celia holds MSc. Engineering, B.Sc. Mathematics & Psychology, Ontario Teaching Certificate and PMP certification. Celia has taught kindergarten, high school, and at 5 universities. She worked in management of telecom engineering for Bell Canada for 25 years. She is author of Project Management for Telecommunications Managers (Springer) and Project Management for Telecommunications Projects was published by Wiley in 2010. She also has a doll publication a book about the art of making high end porcelain dolls, providing notes she has taken in classes and seminars with many of the top doll making experts.