Vintage and Antique Dolls

While porcelain dolls were used as playthings before the early 1900’s, given the ease with which these can be broken, and the sharpness of the pieces, it is not recommended that these be given to children today as toys. Instead, these make excellent collectibles for adults and children to enjoy, perhaps in a cabinet or on a shelf.

All prices are in Canadian dollars.

Sailor girl doll in blue minidress sitting in a miniature chair

Vintage Sailor

Reproduction Heubach character doll in white dress with blue ribbon

Heubach Girl

Baby boy doll, Caucasian, fully painted with painted hair

Small Baby Boy

White baby doll in long yellow calico dress half-seated and half-lying in a chair

Three-Faced Baby

Antique china doll in a modern red and purple dress with vertical stripes and lace trim

Antique China Lady in Stripes

Antique Armand Marseille doll with short, curly brown hair and pink batiste print dress and lace trim with a straw hat

Armand Marseille Girl

Smiling doll with medium brown hair and sleep eyes, with a brown lace-trimmed coat, white skirt, and straw hat


China doll with molded black hair and white skin in pink and red calico dress with tiny flowers

China Doll in Pink

Strawberry blonde vintage baby doll in sheer white cotton bonnet and dress, with sleep eyes and significant eye makeup

Vintage Baby in White

Small vinyl fashion doll with short blond hair, sleep eyes and printed calico dress and hat

Vintage Fashion Doll

Vintage fashion doll with yellow hair and green sleep eyes wearing a yellow satin dress and a velvet dress with hand-beaded design and hanging ribbons

Vintage Girl in Yellow Dress

Light-skinned vintage baby doll in white cotton dress and burgundy corduroy coat and bonnet, with sleep eyes and dark molded hair

Vintage Baby with Sleep Eyes

Antique doll with short brown hair in a white synthetic fibre dress and a black velvet cape and bonnet with fur trim. Sleep eyes.

Marseille Eaton Beauty

Light brown teddy bear in a hospital gown with surgical tubing attached to and coiled around one arm

Vintage Patient Teddy Bear

Horseman doll with comically grotesque caricature face in three options, seated on an antique rocking horse

Rocking Horse


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Reimagined Raggedy Andy doll with porcelain child's face painted to resemble the doll and curly yarn hair, with shit shirt, striped white and navy waistcoat, and navy trousers

Raggedy Andy

Reimagined Raggedy Ann doll with a child's face painted to resemble the doll, with short curly red hair and blue jumper dress with white patchwork dress underneath, printed in red and blue

Raggedy Ann

Antique doll, light-skinned with short blond hair, in a cotton slip dress, with some wig deterioration

Antique Lady to Dress

Vintage baby doll in elaborate christening gown with lace trim, seated in a chair

Vintage Baby in Christening Gown

Vintage baby doll with jointed arms and legs

Mini Vintage Baby

Vintage child doll with jointed arms and legs

Mini Vintage Girl in Yellow

Vintage child doll with jointed arms and legs

Vintage Girl in White

White china doll in pink and blue calico dress

China Doll in Large Bonnet