Classes and Seminars

(To Be Announced) Dress for your Doll

We will provide silk and laces to make a lovely period dress for an antique doll. If you doll was not measured in the underwear seminar, bring her in at least 2 weeks prior to be measured for her custom dress.

August 19, 20, 21 Three days $245, subject to change.

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Sew a bonnet for a small doll

Participants will receive a kit with the materials to sew a small pink bonnet for a small doll. We will assemble the bonnets working by hand.

TBD (1/2 day) $45, subject to change

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Dolly Boot Camp

Do you love the look of porcelain dolls? Do you ever wonder how these are made? In this one-week seminar, 2 hours each day, each participant will learn hands on how these are created. Each participant will make one porcelain doll, painting the head and hands, then sewing, stuffing the body, and assembling the doll.

Participants will learn the full process for making a porcelain doll. Session 1 describes the process, and each participant cleans the greenware for a doll. Participants sign their own dolls. Dolls will be fired to bisque before the second class. In sessions 2-4 participants will paint the head and hands of the porcelain doll. Painting will be fired between sessions. In session 5 the participants will start (and maybe complete) making the body for their doll. Slower workers will still leave with all the materials and information to complete a doll. Each participant leaves with one complete (self made) doll.

Please contact us at 905-465-1350 to inquire about the latest scheduled classes.

Pictures from Past Sessions

Our second boot camp session was a success: mother and daughter each made a doll. Here's hoping they go on to create more in the future!

This workshop for ages 9 and older provides much information about the making of the dolls, and the lives of people who lived when these dolls were used as toys. Students will use fine motor skill ability and care of fragile objects. it also teaches beginning basic sewing.

Participants must have enough coordination to paint fine lines, patience to paint and redo till desired outcome is reached, and ability to follow instructions.

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Cost is $70 per person.

We regret that we are currently unable to offer wheelchair access. The building where we rent our space has a lot of stairs, and no way around them.

The Workshop: