Accessories and Little Bits

We have many items which can be used by doll makers to make excellent dolls, such as mohair at various stages, many pairs of shoes, some dresses and a few kits, some laces and cutwork for making dresses, hats and underwear, along with excellent materials for making hats, and a little furniture. We have a few soft fired greenware heads, a few molds, and a few bodies looking for clothes or heads.

Some little items are difficult to categorize. We've put them all in here, from tiny toys to parts to jewelry. You can find them all here, as well.

All prices are in Canadian dollars.

Brooch depicting a young, light-skinned, blue-eyed woman's face wearing a pink hat with beaded trim and large blue stone at forehead; visibly cracked

Pink Hat Brooch


In-store exclusive

Brooch of a boy's face only, omitting the top of the head and hair, with light skin and brown eyes

Boy Face Brooch

Kewpie doll brooch; naked baby with heart printed on chest and pointed blond hair

Kewpie Brooch

Pill box depicting a European couple kissing in front of a pair of cupids

Pill Box

Small, blond, light-skinned doll with painted hair wearing blue painted sweater, hat and shorts

Little Blue Boy

Heart-shaped porcelain ornament depicting a caucasian woman in a blue dress and large hat holding three yellow roses

Porcelain Heart

Very small baby doll in a miniature basket, about one inch long

Mini Basket

Four-part silk-lined display box containing four figurines

Four-Part Box

Small 8-inch half doll with white plinth and beige shawl. Painted eyes and hair.


Small pastoral figurine appended on a string from the head, in green coat with short blond hair and light skin


Dark blond wig in a bowl cut

Short Wigs

A trunk full of plastic baggies full of wefted mohair dyed in various natural shades.

Mohair Bags


In-store exclusive

A card of wefted mohair dyed light blond

Mohair and Wool Wefts

In-store exclusive

Horseman doll with comically grotesque caricature face in three options, seated on an antique rocking horse

Fool Horseman Alternate Heads


In-store exclusive

Headless doll body wearing a pink dress with lace and ribbon overlay

Modern 15" Body

Modern composition body with cotton slip underwear

Modern 21" Body

Head of old, light-skinned man with reddish nose and cheeks, bald spot on top of head and bushy white beard and moustache

Head: Old Man

Doll parts including a light-skinned smiling head without eyes, arms, and legs

Baby Doll Kit

plastic bag containing a black-and-white picture of a treetop angel and text describing the kit as fitting Jones Mold #149. Several other objects are also in the bag but are obscured behind the picture

Kit: Karen Raum Angel


In-store exclusive

Light-skinned modern doll with painted face and blue glass eyes with no clothing

Nude Modern Doll

blue felt jacket with pink blanket-stitched edges and embroidered bees and flowers

Felt Jacket

White Tights in Package

White Tights


In-store exclusive

A set of top and bottom white underwear, edged in deliberately asymmetrical pattern of yellow, green and orange stitching, on a display card

Modern Underwear 8" Around


In-store exclusive

White Socks with fluffy inner lining

Fluffy White Socks


In-store exclusive

Miniature white nylon tights or stockings

Little White Tights


In-store exclusive

Fancy off-white crocheted socks with scalloped pattern

Crocheted Doll Socks


In-store exclusive

Small white nylon socks in thin knit fabric

Plain White Socks


In-store exclusive

green cardigan knit in a basketweave stitch

Green Cardigan

Square white cushion with ribbon and lace trim

Lace Cushion

Black painted tricycle with unpainted wicker basket

Tiny Tricycle

Collar in sheer white fabric with white embroidery; visible damage to inner seam allowance on one side



In-store exclusive

Tatted oval lace applique or small doily

Tatted Oval Appliqué


In-store exclusive

A large T-Pin


$0.25 each

In-store exclusive

Thin white cotton rectangle with a fine weave, with net embroidery on two corners and scalloped edges

Lace Doiley with Tulips


In-store exclusive

Lace with a wavy scalloped pattern

Wide Stretch Lace


In-store exclusive

Square of off-white fabric with strips of fancy weaving along two edges

Dresser Cover


In-store exclusive

Small white applique flowers with centres in yellow, purple, green, white and navy blue

Flower Appliqués


In-store exclusive

Slightly fuzzy white synthetic yarn lace

Synthetic 1/2" Lace


In-store exclusive

Card of synthetic white lace with daisy pattern

Shiny Lace


In-store exclusive

Square of cardboard wrapped in braided black hat straw

Hat Straw Cards


In-store exclusive

Yellow Fringe braided Hat Straw

Hat Straw by the Foot


In-store exclusive

plastic bag containing striped orange and purple fabric, under a hat made from the same fabric with a bow and an orange feather

Kit: Hat and Fabric


In-store exclusive

Hardcover book depicting four child dolls in upperclass dress

The Jumeau Doll

Clothespin doll in blue dress with painted face and straw hat

Clothespin Doll

Mouse doll wearing nostalgic winter clothing

Merry Mice


Mini Panda


Tuxedo Teddy


Tiny Dog Blue