Our reproduction dolls are made to the highest standard of quality and adherence to historical accuracy. From wigs to soles, our reproductions give you the real experience of how these little pieces of history might have looked in their own time, right out of the box.

All prices are in Canadian dollars.

Tiny Kewpie


Marie Antoinette


Rosalind in Pink

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Cody Jumeau

Jester Marotte in renaissance-inspired jester dress

Jester Marotte

Bleuette in a two-piece sailor suit with matching hat, front view




11-inch Fashion doll in dress design by Femmy Toele Front

Fashion Doll

SFBJ Twirp doll in crocheted dress and matching velvet ribbon bonnet


AT Nina reproduction in dark beige or light taupe dress by Lirie Aliaj, front view.

AT Nina

Tiny 11-inch C Steiner reproduction in beige suit

C. Steiner

Cody Jumeau in purple dress with elaborate ruffled bonnet

Cody Jumeau

Reproduction XI girl in pale pink dress with tatted lace overlay, front view

XI Girl in Pink

Parien lady doll with painted jewels in hair and around neck

Parien Lady Doll

26-inch AT in taupe dress and matching velvet hat with dark brown feathers

AT in Taupe

30-inch reproduction Rosalind doll in white fur coat and hat by Kristin Thor, front view

Rosalind in White

Reproduction Rosalind doll in a black fur coat with white trim, front view

Rosalind in Black

Small 15-inch reproduction Bru boy doll in red and blue suit, front view

Small Bru Boy

29-inch reproduction Bru doll in elaborate olive green dress and matching hat designed by Kristin Thor, front view

Bru in Green

Small 12-inch FB in Green and blue jacquard dress with matching bonnet

Small FB in Green

Reproduction Johann doll in blue knit vest and trousers with white cable knit shirt, front view


24-inch reproduction Cody Jumeau in elaborate off-white dress with ribbon roses and matching feathered hat, front view

Cody Jumeau

Reproduction AT doll in green and white silk dress with extensive lace trim and feathered fascinator hat, front view

AT in Feathers

Reproduction Googly doll with braided pigtails and pink dress in modern materials, front view


Reproduction Bru Jne in a white cotton batiste dress with white embroidery, front view

Bru Jne

Reproduction Baby Bye-Lo doll in modern pink onesie with matching hat, seated on a chair

Bye-Lo Baby

5-inch reproduction Betty Boop figurine in painted underwear, front view

Betty Boop

Reproduction Jumeau Arielle in a pink and white dress with embroidery and cutwork

Jumeau Arielle

12-inch reproduction Stobe doll in green dress and matching hat


Baby Pierrot doll in black and white costume with clown makeup


Medium-sized, light-skinned doll with curly blond hair and light coloured suit with lace trim

AT Desiree

Medium-sized white doll with dark hair and eyes, wearing a pink and black suit

AT 11 in Fuchsia

Medium-sized white doll with dark hair and eyes, wearing a pink and black suit


Light-skinned doll in a beige dress with extensive ruching

Bru Jne in Beige

White-haired doll in brown suit with matching hat and short skirt

Bru Brevete