Heubach Girl in Blue and White

This sweet vintage Heubach character doll has a happy, wholesome face and a pretty white outfit. She does not stand on her own.

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Ernst Heubach owned and ran a porcelain factory in Koppelsdorf, Germany. Known for smaller dolls, but mostly for the stunning variety of dolls that they produced, Heubach created a variety of novelty toys. They created a constantly growing range of interesting character dolls as well as the standard dolly-faced child dolls.

With their wide range of manufacturing abilities, it is no surprise that Heubach manufactured doll heads for other doll makers as well as their own dolls.

Ernst Heubach was connected by marriage to the prominent Victorian toymaker Armand Marseille, and the two companies merged in 1919. The experiment was not a success, however, and by 1932 the companies had separated completely. At this time, toy manufacture was not a priority in Germany; the factory shifted away from dolls and toys and toward their other specialty, porcelain insulators for the electrical industry. They declared bankruptcy in 1938 and were bought by family friends of the Heubach brothers, and the company was later nationalized by the East German government.

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