Modern Dolls

Modern dolls are dolls that were sculpted recently, generally within the last 50 years. Our modern dolls are porcelain, so again, not toys. Modern dolls can be painted and dressed in any style and colour that suits the artist. These can be cute or they can display some personality. Modern dolls often have painted eyes, but they can also be made with glass eyes, or even plastic eyes sometimes. The clothing and wigs can be natural fibers or synthetic.

All prices are in Canadian dollars.

Wooden doll in calico dress with lace hat

Wooden Dutch Girl

Princess doll in beige and brown

Marie Antoinette

seated 17-inch Modern doll Aaron with ash blond wig and blue overalls


17-inch modern Gumdrop doll with auburn hair and pink dress, seated


8-inch modern baby doll with painted hair and blue eyes, in a red onesie

Boy in Red

Modern 7-inch Sugar Lump doll with closed eyes, painted blond hair and blue nightgown

Sugar Lump

Modern 8 and a half inch baby doll with messy medium brown wig and green sleeper

Messy Hair Baby

18-inch modern white Rudy doll with pigtails and purple and gold hooded jacket and striped skirt


18-inch modern black Rudy doll with twisted pigtails, adorable brown sweater and denim overalls


19-inch sculpted Mary Jo doll with painted eyes and long brown hair in a green dress with white eyelet-trimmed yoke

Mary Jo

Modern doll in pink dress with long reddish-brown hair

Girl in Pink

26-inch modern boy doll with short blond hair and a blue tweed suit and hat

Sad Boy in Blue

19-inch modern doll with brown hair, calico dress and bonnet, and white apron

Girl in Calico

19-inch modern doll in calico dress with short brown hair

Love Me

21-inch modern doll in green dress with long brown hair


Baby Pierrot doll in black and white costume with clown makeup

Baby Pierrot

18-inch Harlequin doll with painted hair and multicolored diamond jumpsuit


Small, light-skinned, orange-bodied half-doll with plush pillow body in coffee mug. Porcelain, handpainted hands and face with painted hair.

Mug Buddy

Baby doll with porcelain head, arms and legs in frog posture with slightly annoyed facial expression, pink onesie


$60 in-store only
Tall, slim, light-skinned, green-eyed modern lady doll in green dress with curly blond hair and painted green eyes


Horseman doll with comically grotesque caricature face in three options, seated on an antique rocking horse

Fool Horseman

Small, blond, light-skinned doll wearing dress made entirely out of lace and matching bonnet

Little Lacy Lady

Clown doll head peeking out of music box with an assortment of party accessories

Party in a Box