Mohair Bags

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Wefted mohair and wool, packaged by colour and length. Contact us for information on our assortment. Priced by metre or in packages.

One 16" card of blond mohair, 4" long, $25

250" white wefted yak hair, 6" long, $30/m

26" blond wefted mohair, 8" long, $40

1 pkg dark brown Beverly Johnson human hair wefts, 18" long, $40

40" white wefted wool for wigs, 3" long, $30

32" brown wefted wool, 10-12" (Rachel) $50

97" blond wefted mohair 7" long $30/yd

255" brown wefted mohair, 6-8" long (Daniel) $30/yd

106" blond wefted mohair, 8-10" long (Lucille) $30/yd

97" blond wefted mohair 8-10" long $30/yd

In-store exclusive

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