Steiner Phenix Bébé Mechanical Musical Doll

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Previously a Parisian watch and clock maker, Jules Steiner held numerous patents in the toy and doll fields. The Steiner company specialized in moving toys and dolls, but talking and musical dolls were also produced. Steiner made baby dolls that kicked and cried, lady dolls who waltzed, and articulated dolls that could be posed in realistic positions.

Steiner also held patents for unbreakable dolls (Bbé incassable), the walking and talking Bébé Premier Pas, and Waltzing Poupée ladies. This doll is a Phenix Bébé with a wind-up key in the back that powers a music box and basic dancing motions.

Information from this article taken from Doll Reference "Jules Nicholas Steiner Dolls 1855-1908 French" and Land of Oz Dolls "Jules Nicholas Steiner" by Connie Zink.

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